OmProCab-55; N(m), angle connector - FAKRA(f), angle connector

Low loss RF coaxial cabel for mounting in vehicles.

Cable assembly:

N (N(m), angle connector)
FAKRA (FAKRA(f), angle connector)

FF = 10 - FAKRA(f)-D (bordeaux / bordeaux)
FF = 11 - FAKRA(f)-C (blau / blue)
FF = 16 - FAKRA(f)-I (beige / beige)
FF = 18 - FAKRA(f)-L (karminrot / camine red)
FF = 21 - FAKRA(f)-Z (wasserblau / waterblue)

[XXXXX = Cable length in mm]

The OmProCab-55 is a double-shielded, low-loss coaxial cable with a flexible inner conductor for installation in motor vehicles. The cable meets the fire protection requirements of ECE R 118."

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