The ANTONICS-Principle

Our antennas are constantly innovating in the market of professional mobile applications, to be ahead of time. Therefore, we create PLANAR antenna systems, which, combined with high technical precision, offer added value in terms of their multifunctional performance characteristics, efficient assembly options, and adaptation to existing customer systems.

The ANTONICS Principle describes the unique selling points of our products:


Free technical support & advice for our customers

At ANTONICS we are happy to advise you so that the right antenna is found for your project. With our specialized computer programs we can, for example, simulate the radiation of the antenna on the train roof. This is how we guarantee that our antennas on and in every vehicle will perform at their best and contribute to 100% customer satisfaction.


Consulting & Simulation

Antennas for train, bus and infrastructure

The antenna products of Antonics GmbH are divided into the following business areas:

1. Train
2. Bus
3. Infrastructure

The train antennas of the OmPlecs and DiPlecs brands, which are manufactured by Antonics in the Velten factory, deserve special mention.


Antonics protection devices

To ensure the operation of our antennas and thus the smooth flow of signal transmission, we have developed various protective devices.

The GSM-R bandstop filter ensures that a certain frequency range cannot be overlaid by other signals and thus not be disturbed.

Our DC blocker suppresses direct current up to a voltage of 2kV and thus prevents any damage to the connected devices.


Antonics amplifier


The OmPLifi V-AMR series GPS amplifiers are EN50155 certified with high filter quality, exceptional gain, low noise figure and are suitable for mounting on and in rail vehicles and vehicles. The GPS amplifier is always included in the scope of delivery of the railway antennas with GPS function as an accessory and is optionally available with an integrated DC blocker.



  • High voltage test 25 kV AC - DIN EN 50124 / DIN EN 50122-1
  • High voltage test 3 kV DC - DIN EN 50124 / DIN EN 50122-2
  • Temperature test - IEC 60068-2
  • Cold up to-60° - DIN EN 50155
  • Dry heat up to +85° - DIN EN 50155
  • Humid heat, cyclic - DIN EN 50155
  • Mechanical Test - DIN EN 50155
  • Vibration bond band - IEC 61373
  • Shock, half sine - IEC 61373
  • Salt mist spray, constant - ISO 9227
  • Protection against water jets - ISO 20653
  • High-pressure steam jet ISO 20653
  • Fire behavior EN 45545-2
  • Electromagnetic compatibility EN50121-3-2
  • High speed test 770km/h EN 14067


  • High-quality antennas Made in Germany
  • Manufacturing of all mechanical precision parts in-house
  • Extremely long service life / MTBF thanks to patented planar WACU antenna technology without lossy ceramics or printed circuit boards/PCBs
  • Customizable construction
  • 3D simulation (electromagnetic field simulation), 3D construction, HF measurements in relation to vehicle bodies
  • Extreme temperature resistance of all parameters from -60°C to +85°C
  • Railway approval according to EN 50155, EN 50124, EN 50122-1, IEC 60068-2, IEC 61373, ISO 9227, ISO 20653
  • References worldwide in new and retrofit projects


  • Extremely flat antenna design in the 80 MHz to 8000 MHz range with heights of only 40mm or 60mm
  • Multiband technology with selective pin assignment
  • Technological leadership in the field of train antennas
  • Development & production of PLANAR ANTENNAS
  • Technological leadership in the field of train antennas
  • Suitable for vehicles with plastic roofs
  • Antennas with high gain and efficiency due to metallic excitation structures without lossy components such as ceramics / PCB
  • Antennas with high gain and efficiency through selective coupling of the planar exciter structures
  • High-speed suitability based on EN 14067



  • Cost reduction by reducing the number of antennas on the vehicle roof using OmPlecs multi-band technology
  • Up to 13 connectors for each frequency range in one antenna
  • No costly splitters and couplers required as with broadband railway antennas with only one RF connection
  • No height problems with clearance profile
  • GPS/GLONASS repeater included with antenna
  • Free technical support & advice for our customers
  • HF simulation of the directivity in relation to vehicle bodies