Project protection


ANTONICS customers have the choice to apply for project protection.

This can be granted for specifically defined projects.

It is important to note:

Customer protection commitments always require written confirmation by ANTONICS in order to be effective. The customer protection commitment remains valid as long as only products or services of ANTONICS are offered.

This protection cannot exclude that other dealers or partners of ANTONICS are already involved in a process and / or have already offered or will offer, since such activities often unknown information of ANTONICS.

Protection commitments lose their effect after six months have elapsed since they were issued, unless a different period of validity has been expressly agreed in writing.

Below you will find the project protection application.

If you have questions about project protection, please contact:

Ameisenweg 5 / Business Park
16727 Velten

Tel.: 03304 20130 0
Fax: 03304 25 43 48