OmPlecs®-TOP 200 AMR 170 LG

Multiband-Train Antenna with certification / approval according to train standard EN 50155 for mounting on trains and vehicles.

RF ports:

ⓐ - 2m-Band

ⓑ / ⓒ - GSM-R / GSM 1800 / UMTS / LTE

ⓓ  - GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / BeiDou


2m-Band (166 - 176)
2G / GSM (GSM-R/GSM 900 (873 - 960))
3G / UMTS (1710 - 2170)
4G / LTE/+ (694 - 960) , 4G / LTE/+ (1710 - 2170) , 4G / LTE/+ (2500 - 2690)
GNSS-Configuration (passive)
GNSS / L1 / G1 / E1 / B1 (GLONASS (G1) / 1602) , GNSS / L1 / G1 / E1 / B1 (GPS (L1) 1575,42) , GNSS / L1 / G1 / E1 / B1 (QZSS / 1575,42) , GNSS / L1 / G1 / E1 / B1 (Galileo (E1) / 1575,42) , GNSS / L1 / G1 / E1 / B1 (BeiDou (B1) / 1561,098)


Type (OmPlecs-TOP 200)
Height (235mm)

The OmPlecs-TOP 200 AMR train antenna series is characterized by an extremely flat design of only 40mm or 60mm with a high antenna gain. By using metallic emitting structures without lossy components, a very high  efficiency and service life is achieved. The multiband technology with selective port assignment enables the use of several frequency bands on one RF port and cost reduction through unnecessary splitters or couplers.

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The matching amplifier for your outdoor railway antenna solution


The OmPLifi V-AMR series GPS amplifiers are EN50155 certified with high filter quality, exceptional gain, low noise figure and are suitable for mounting on and in rail vehicles and vehicles. The GPS amplifier is always included in the scope of every delivery of the railway antennas with GPS function as an accessory. It is optionally available with an integrated DC blocker.

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The matching cable for your outdoor - train - antenna solution


Our latest product is the OmProCab-5. It is a quadruple shielded, low-loss coaxial cable with a flexible inner conductor and certification/approval. The cable is produced in accordance with railway standard EN 45545-2 for the installation in rail vehicles and motor vehicles. The highlights are the combination of very good HF properties, the flexible inner conductor and the fire certification according to the railway standard. These characteristics makes it the ideal accesscory to use with our railway antennas.


The matching protective device for your outdoor railway antenna solution

OmProtec RBF 900

To ensure the operation of our antennas and thus the smooth flow of signal transmission, we have developed various protective devices. The GSM-R bandstop filter ensures that a certain frequency range cannot be overlaid by other signals and thus not be disturbed.