The sustainability approach of ANTONICS

We at ANTONICS believe in the sustainability approach, which is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy.

In production, we place great importance on environmentally friendly and resource-efficient methods to minimize our ecological footprint.

In leading our company, we adhere to sustainable practices by integrating ethical business principles and social responsibility.

In employee management, we prioritize a healthy work-life balance, continuous training, and a supportive work environment to foster a sustainable and long-term commitment of our employees to our company.


  • Equal rights
  • Employee retention
  • Incentive schemes
  • Extended training and further education opportunities
  • Equal opportunities
  • Safe working conditions in production and office


  • Photovoltaic system on the roof of our production hall
  • Our machines are operated 3/4 with our own solar power
  • E-cars as company cars that are charged with our in-house solar power
  • Our antenna and most of the individual parts are produced in our production facility to keep the supply chain as short as possible, to be able to better estimate delivery dates and to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible
  • Our office building and production hall were built and operated with the aim of providing efficient facilities including energy-efficient lighting, sustainable building materials and HVAC systems to create a sustainable work and production facility


  • Sustainable growth
  • Regular risk management
  • High transparency
  • Fairness in management and business operations
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting on ANTONICS’ economic performance to avoid business risks