ANTONICS is expanding its antenna manufacturing center

ANTONICS is growing. By purchasing a neigboring company property in the Velten Business Park, we are able to expand our production. This speaks for our success: The expansion allows us to meet the higher demand and increased production volumes. At the same time, we invest in new machines that perform even better.

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The new production hall is intended for five new CNC machining centers. Cable production is also included. A process-oriented QM system in accordance with our DIN ISO 9001 certification accompanies all essential operational processes.

Characteristic of the ANTONICS antennas and their parts is their in-house production. We are currently achieving a vertical integration of around 85 percent. The advantage: The company keeps the supply chains short, is not dependent on suppliers and can therefore plan and deliver much better and more reliably. This reliability convinces our customers.

The research and development laboratory has also been expanded. This is the space to carry out precise measurements and extensive tests of the antennas on site. This includes a cold cabinet that can reach temperatures of up to -80 °C.

In addition to improved production, the contact options for delivery vehicles, trucks and transport vehicles will also be optimised. Another advantage of expanding the property: we can increase the number of employee parking lots.