5G-Ready with MF-05 Series

In the 5th mobile radio generation 5G the frequency spectrum is extended. To the existing frequency bands known from GSM, UMTS and LTE the spectrum is extended by new selective frequency ranges between 3GHz and 4GHz. With the new MF-05 series the Antonics GmbH is a leader in the field of rail and local traffic radio applications.

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The 5G antennas are backward compatible with the previous mobile radio standards. All previously specified cellular standards can still be used. The flat antenna design as well as the external mechanics of the antennas has been retained. Vehicles and existing systems can be retrofitted without problems.

Since the LTE mobile standard, more and more radio systems are equipped with MIMO technology (multiple input multiple output). Only with separated RF ports in the antenna, the benefits of MIMO technology can be used. This makes costly signal splitters superfluous. The higher MIMO technologies will be the standard in new radio systems, such as the 4x4 MIMO system. In the antennas developed by the Antonics GmbH, MIMO systems of different radio standards can be combined.