Shaping the traffic turnaround: A different kind of showroom with LAT

With the help of partners LAT is converting a DDR S-Bahn into a modern meeting room and Antonics is supplying the antennas for the unique showroom concept

The  LAT Group has developed a modern showroom concept close to the RAW site in Berlin. With the support of various partners, including Antonics GmbH and IT am Fahrzeug  (organizational unit of DB vehicle maintenance), an old DDR S-Bahn wagon was technically modernized: From passenger displays to transmission technology (5G antennas) & passenger WiFi. In addition to the original seating, the wagon now has a meeting room and a bar. The 476 series car from 1929 can now be rented for customer appointments and events. Workshops are also held on site, where corporations, family businesses and start-ups from the mobility scene come together to be creative, brainstorm and mingle.

“We are convinced that we have to think about mobility from the passenger's point of view. We consciously practice how we can implement their wishes in existing vehicles in an old train - the existing vehicles are a challenge in themselves. In the spirit of Joint Innovation, we invite experts to help us shape the passenger experience. The transfer of knowledge benefits our entire industry." (Larissa Zeichhardt, Managing Director LAT Funkanlagen-Service GmbH)

Equipped with the latest network technology and supported by twelve companies, LAT makes public transport technology a live experience. Exhibitors include long-standing partners such as Antonics GmbH, Axis Communications and Luminator Technology Group and many more.

“We immediately supported the innovative idea of ​​LAT to combine best practices of modern transport technology in an S-Bahn wagon. The smooth cooperation with LAT and Colibri was pure joy and lead to great results. Our technology is now clearly presented in the showroom. Visitors can see, try and feel our ultra-flat indoor antennas from the OmPlecs®-TOP 90 RAIL WiFi 2.4-5.8 MIMO 4x4 series in the meeting room and the outdoor antennas from the OmPlecs®-TOP 200 AMR-UB MF-05 -5 series on the roof of the train as well as our 5G MIMO 4x4 in combination with the Colibri technology.  Together with LAT and IT am Fahrzeug, nothing stops us from the further digitization in the transport industry.” (René Röder, CTO at Antonics GmbH)

New partners such as BrighterAI, G2K (Parsifal), ViSenSys (occupancy rate) and IT am Fahrzeug  (DB vehicle maintenance/Colibri) are grateful for the opportunity to present products in such an unusual setting. Hardware and software solutions for optimizing vehicle maintenance and passenger satisfaction are the products of tomorrow on display in the showroom. 

IT am Fahrzeug supports the vision of the innovative S-Bahn showroom with the Colibri product range. Colibri means "Coach Link for Broadband Information Exchange" and is the digital intelligence in the rail vehicle with, for example, WLAN (5G standard), travel information and diagnostic systems and much more. The Colibri system has a flexible structure - products and services can be selected according to customer needs and installed in a wide variety of infrastructures: Rail vehicles such as regional trains and S-Bahn, but also ticket machines, electric charging stations and WiFi boxes. There are no limits to the form and design of the system, which is why IT am Fahrzeug is even more pleased to be able to support an innovative S-Bahn with WLAN.

"We value the cooperation and are pleased to be able to support the vision of the LAT Group together with our long-standing partner Antonics GmbH. Bringing digital intelligence into rail vehicles and making it tangible is readiness for progress for us.” (Thomas Derlig,Team leader of the market development of the product range Colibri, IT am Fahrzeug)  

Usually, the Colibri system is installed in the ceiling area of ​​the vehicle, so that it is invisible to the passengers. For the innovative LAT showroom, a special place for the visitirs to experience was selected: The drivers cab. The components that are used for the passenger WLAN can be found here: central computer, access point, bandstop filter and indoor and outdoor antennas.