Anniversary: We are celebrating

The family business based in Velten by Berlin was founded 15 years ago and is celebrating its anniversary. The successes came quickly. Thanks to innovative, technologically sophisticated antennas and individual solutions, ANTONICS was able to assert itself in the national and international market within just a few years. The growth happened continuously, deliberately and thus sustainably.  

Thanks to the commitment, creativity and know-how, many innovations have been introduced in the market since the company was founded. Customers can now be found globally and locally – in Sydney, New York or Berlin. Our antennas are already in use in over 30 countries. The recipe for success? In addition to the daily use, the wealth of ideas, the increase in know-how is certainly essential. This is represented by several patents and property rights. Equally important is the equality in the workplace,  which the company supports. Continuous training and further education ensure that ANTONICS will continue to be one step ahead of the game.