ANTONICS Antennas for New York City Buses

Together with VIANOVA Technologies, the manufacturer of high-resolution dynamic real-time on-board infotainment systems for subways, trams, and buses, ANTONICS is modernizing the buses in New York City.

ANTONICS and VIANOVA are modernizing buses in New York City by equipping over 5000 coach and city buses with innovative antennas for dynamic passenger information and infotainment. The antennas are small, compact, and enable precise bus tracking in urban areas. Through the collaboration of both companies, nearly 3000 antennas will be installed by 2026. This new technology enhances the passenger experience with real-time information on connections, transfer options, and potential delays, supported by powerful WLAN and 4G/5G transmission. This project serves as a best practise for other American cities looking to improve their public transportation systems.

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