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Railway Forum 2021 in Berlin


Antonics at the Railway Forum in Berlin

The 7th Railway Forum will take place 07. – 08. September in Berlin´s Estrel Congress & Messe Centre. The leading conference and exhibition of the railway industry hosts more than a thousand conference participants from over 50 countries. Deutsche Bahn as a competence partner is one of the highlights this year.

Meet us at the Railway Forum Berlin and sign in here. We warmly welcome you to stand Q02 where we will be delighted to present the project "IT at Train" Colibri, our new planar multiband Antennas for public transport systems. Highlights are the 5G 4x4 MIMO Outdoor Train Antennas, the function expending to Train Indoor Antennas with MIMO 6x6 WIFI technology and our Dual-GSM-R Protection Filter.

ANTONICS-ICP will be presenting once again highly innovative multiband antennas under the established brand antenna series OmPlecs-TOP 200 AMR. ANTONICE-ICP offers due to their innovative "Low Profile Bus/Train Antenna" design of 40mm -  60mm different communication systems such as 70cm-Band/trunked radio/TETRA, GSM-R, GSM 1800, UMTS, LTE, 2x2 LTE MIMO, 4x4 LTE MIMO, 5G MIMO, Wi-Fi 2.4, Wi-Fi 5.8 and GPS / GLONASS all in one antenna.Through selective coupling of the respective frequency range with the high-quality connectors of the series N and TNC, no costly splitter is required, other than for the already known broadband antennas. The ANTONICS Principles guarantee the efficiency of the individual bands compared to conventional multi-band broadband concepts who have only one connection. Antonics-ICP offers its clients full technological support for individual projects and is able to solve complex problems. This ranges from solutions to comply the clearance of advanced RF simulations to the antenna radiation pattern on the vehicle roof with surrounding structures for example.

ANTONICS-ICP is one of the leading developers and producers of highly innovated antenna systems for public transport. Based on latest technologies ANTONICS-ICP designs and manufactures tailor made bus and train antenna solutions or professional radio applications in their Berlin headquarter.


The innovative planar antennas of ANTONICS complement the offer of our customers and distributors / partners of special antennas with unique features that set it apart from the competition - known examples of this are worldwide known OmPlecs train antennas, OmPlecs bus antennas, OmPlecs-train radio system antennas, automation antennas M2M , DiPlecs-integration and embedded antennas, foil antennas, camouflage antennas for communication systems in the range 50 MHz to 8000 MHz and applications in the 2m band, BOS, 70cm band, trunked radio, TETRA, ISM BANDS, DATA RADIO 433, 448, 868, GSM-R , AMPS 800, GSM 900, GSM 1800, PCS 1900, UMTS, LTE 2x2 MIMO, LTE 4x4MIMO, 5G 4x4MIMO, WLL 3.5, 2.4 WLAN, WiMAX, Wi-Fi 4.9, 5.8 WLAN, GPS.