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CeBIT 2013

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In this year ANTONICS-ICP will be presented on CeBIT in Hannover at the world's most important and most international event in the digital industry*

From 05 to 09 March 2013 on CeBIT pro in Hall 13 are meeting executives, developers and trade visitors from the various target groups like Embedded Systems, Industry, Logistics and Specialized Retail. The CeBIT pro shows the complete range of professional ICT technologies in three thematic exhibition areas and provides innovative business solutions for all industries. In addition to Hall 13, visitors can now experience also in Hall 11 a comprehensive presentation of integrated communication processes and broadband solutions, IP Technologies, Network Components & Software, as well as data centers, which ensure fast and smooth data flow.

For this purpose, we are delighted to invite you to our stand C66 in Hall 13th. Based on our invitation, we would like to send you an entry ticket.*

If our invitation meets your interest, please fill out the registration form under the button " REGISTRATION ". We will send you immediately by E-Mail your ticket code for an online daily ticket. With the successful registration you will receive online daily ticket-our invitation for CeBIT 2013.

CeBit-Registration (closed) / Visitors' Service

Registration period from 13.02.2013 to 08.03.2013 is closed.

On CeBIT 2013 in Hanover, we present you together with our distribution partner ACAL BFi Germany in Hall 13 Booth C66 our wide range of planar multiband antenna technology and antennas of ANTONICS.

This year we put the focus on our product line "Embedded Antennas".

  1. Standard-LowCost-Embedded Antennen - 800 MHz bis 2500 MHz
  2. High-Tech Laser Embedded Antennas - 800 MHz bis 2500 MHz
  3. Custom Antennas / Customized Antennas - 800 MHz bis 6000 MHz
  4. HighTech-Embedded Antennas and accessories - (e.g. foil antenna, teflon- and  roger basis materials)

CeBIT takes place from 05 to 09 March 2013 in Hanover.

 * This fair was supported by the EUROPEAN UNION

    Europäischer Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung


The innovative planar antennas of ANTONICS complement the offer of our customers and distributors / partners of special antennas with unique features that set it apart from the competition - known examples of this are worldwide known OmPlecs train antennas, OmPlecs bus antennas, OmPlecs-train radio system antennas, automation antennas M2M , DiPlecs-integration and embedded antennas, foil antennas, camouflage antennas for communication systems in the range 50 MHz to 8000 MHz and applications in the 2m band, BOS, 70cm band, trunked radio, TETRA, ISM BANDS, DATA RADIO 433, 448, 868, GSM-R , AMPS 800, GSM 900, GSM 1800, PCS 1900, UMTS, LTE 2x2 MIMO, LTE 4x4MIMO, 5G 4x4MIMO, WLL 3.5, 2.4 WLAN, WiMAX, Wi-Fi 4.9, 5.8 WLAN, GPS.